Clint Johnson is a non-fiction writer and historian living in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and pets. He is a native of Fish Branch, an unmapped community in the Florida backwoods surrounded by cypress bay heads, orange groves and populated by gators. It looks like Florida used to be before Walt Disney World changed it. He is a journalism graduate of the University of Florida. He has written for scores of newspapers, magazines and trade publications.

Since 1996 Clint has written more than a dozen non-fiction books including TIN CANS & GREYHOUNDS,  A VAST & FIENDISH PLOT: The Confederate Attack on New York City, PURSUIT: The Chase, Capture, Persecution and Surprising Release of Jefferson Davis, The Politically Incorrect Guide To The South, Civil War Blunders, Touring The Carolinas’ Civil War Sites, and Touring Virginia’s and West Virginia’s Civil War Sites. Other books include In The Footsteps of Robert E. Lee, In The Footsteps of Stonewall Jackson,  In The Footsteps of J.E.B. Stuart, and Bulls-eyes and Misfires: 50 Obscure People Who Had A Major Impact On The American Civil War. He also wrote The 25 Best Civil War Sites, and Colonial America and The American Revolution – The 25 Best Sites.

One of his favorite projects was co-writing They Call Me Big House, the autobiography of famed college basketball coach Clarence “Big House” Gaines.  Coach, you were one of the best men I ever knew.